The Cooling CoP platform will initially include six topic areas, which are the main components of the Mexico Cooling Initiative. The Community of Practice will establish parallel resources in each area.

The purpose of providing multiple platforms for the sharing of information delineated by specific areas of interest is to facilitate greater interaction and reduce barriers to communication between actors in a variety of programs and processes, including regulations, industry initiatives and research proposals. Therefore, the community of practice anticipates creation of working groups, virtual meetings and in-person workshops covering specific topics according to member interest. Expansion of thematic areas and to a multi-country regional level is also possible according to member interest. In the first year of operation, the following interactive events, both virtual and in person, are under consideration for the Communities of Practice. CONUEE and MEI will poll members in the first month of operation to solicit additional proposals:

  • Energy savings and equipment costs for high-efficiency cooling equipment currently available in Mexico
  • Consideration of new regulations for commercial building cooling equipment
  • Incentives and financing programs for high-efficiency cooling equipment
  • Knowledge sharing and best practices in Latin American markets
  • Considerations for revision and increased adoption of energy efficiency building codes.
  • Impacts of Mexican government energy efficiency programs to date and outlook for new activities
  • Data sources and establishment of an Energy Observatory for building energy
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